About Life Groups at Stoney Church

Life was never meant to be lived alone. Sharing life with other people in the community and building meaningful relationships is part of our design. At Stoney Church, we believe families transform communities, and transformed communities can change the world. We strive to connect with one another, growing closer to God and becoming more like Him through our interaction with others. By being a part of a Life Group, you are able to gain support and connections that will last a lifetime.

Below is a list of our active Life Groups. If you would like to join one, please click on the "Join a Life Group" button, and fill out the form with your preferred Life Group! We will get back with you as quickly as we can, and have the leader of that Life Group contact you also!

Groups for All Ages

2nd & 4th Sundays 5:30pm (Shelby Twp.)

Light Snacks Provided

Led by: Heidi Holz & Janis Smith

Mondays 6:15pm (At Stoney Church)

Support group for chronic illness and pain

Led by: Wendy Stephens

Tuesdays 6:30pm-8:00pm (At Stoney Church)

Going Deeper with the Message Notes, Couples' Study

Led by: Ray VanSteenkiste

Wednesday 6:30pm-8:30pm (At Stoney Church)

Bring money for childcare

Led by: Jon & Nanette Maceyko

Wednesday 7:00pm (Washington Twp.)

Diving into the Message Notes, No children

Led by: Terri McCaughan

Every other Thursday 6:30pm-8:00pm (Washington Twp.)

Children welcome, no childcare provided

Led by: Steve & Lisa Lodge

Fridays 6:30pm-8:00pm (Washington Twp.)

No children, light snacks

Led by: Cindy Spalding & Karen Mabry

Age-Specific Groups

Young Men Ages 18-30

Every other Sunday 5:00pm (Shelby Twp.)

Led by: Nate Kingsbury

Young Women Ages 18-30

Sundays 6:00pm-7:30pm (Ray Twp.)

Led by: Lindsey Kingsbury, Angie Moses, and Mandy Ebury

Ages 60+ (Blessed Years Fellowship)

Fridays 12:00pm (At Stoney Church)

Led by: Don & Laura Brundage

Gender-Specific Groups


Tuesdays 6:30pm (At Stoney Church)

Bible Study

Led by: Mandy Ebury, Rachel Schwartzentraub, and Lindsey Kingsbury

Wednesdays 9:50am-11:00am (At Stoney Church)

Bible Study

Led by: Chryste Zech


Tuesdays 8:30pm (At Stoney Church)

Men's Pick-Up Basketball

Led by: Scott Beckholt

Thursdays 6:30am (At Stoney Church)

Prayer Group

Led by: Nathan Bills

Other Groups In Which You May Be Interested

Celebrate Recovery

Mondays 6:15pm (Dinner at 5:15pm)

At Stoney Church

Welcome Home (Veterans)

Mondays 6:15pm (Dinner at 5:15pm)

At Stoney Church

Divorce Care

Mondays 6:15pm (Dinner at 5:15pm)

At Stoney Church

Grief Share

Mondays 6:15pm (Dinner at 5:15pm)

At Stoney Church

Stephen Ministry

Every other Tuesday

At Stoney Church

Meal Ministry

3rd & 4th Tuesdays

Leave Stoney Church promptly at 5:00pm

Martha's Circle (Sewing for Missions)

2nd & 4th Tuesdays 9:30am

At Stoney Church

Worship/Tech Teams

Thursdays 7:30pm & Sundays 7:45am

At Stoney Church