Our Ministry Center

Nate Kingsbury (Lead Pastor)

As the Lead Pastor, Nate encourages and empowers Stoney Church to connect with God and make God known to those who are not part of God's family. He teaches the Word of God on Sundays, leads the young adults' life group, and encourages his staff to follow the Holy Spirit's leading in their lives and ministries.

Nathan Bills (Outreach & Ministry Development Pastor)

As Outreach & Ministry Development Pastor, Nathan oversees all local and global outreach ministries, and leads the World Outreach Committee, which supports all of our missionaries. Nathan also oversees our Community Cupboard and Benevolence ministries.

Marque Cryderman (Worship Arts Director)

As the Worship Arts Director, Marque plans the Sunday worship songs, leads the Worship Team, and helps plan the order of Sunday services. He also plans our Worship Nights.

Barry Haupt (Congregational Care Director)

As Director of Congregational Care, Barry does hospital and home visits, oversees our Stephen Ministry, and is responsible for our SC Care Ministries.

Jon Christ (Student Ministry Pastor)

As the Student Ministry Pastor, Jon is responsible for planning and scheduling for Stoney Students, builds relationships with the students, and empowers them to reach their world. He also oversees all social media of the church.

Sandra McLeod (Children's Ministry Pastor)

As the Children's Ministry Pastor, Sandra oversees both the SC Kids and SC Tweens ministries. She encourages and love the kids, as well as empowers their parents to lead their children to follow God and serve others.

Our Business Center

Stacie Waschewski (Executive Operations Director)

As the Executive Operations Director, Stacie is responsible for overseeing the functionality of the Facilities, Communications and Administration areas of Stoney Church. She handles the staff payroll, tracks all spending, and ensures the lights stay on by paying the bills.

Virginia Vought (Office Administrator)

As the Office Administrator, Virginia greets visitors, answers the phone, and keeps everyone on task... well, mostly. She does a little bit of everything, and knows just about everyone and everything about Stoney Church.

Sarah Snyder (Tech & Media Director)

As the Tech & Media Director, Sarah handles the recording of the Sunday services, coordinates and orders all printed materials, is responsible for all video filming and editing, maintains the church website, and oversees the Stoney Church app.

Jerry Allen (Facilities Director)

As Facilities Director, Jerry is responsible for the upkeep of the building, and ensuring rooms are set up for the various activities in the church.

Courtney Gray (Administrative Assistant)

As an Administrative Assistant for the Worship Arts Director, Courtney sets up the Sunday slides, ensures the Worship Team has the needed music, and supports Marque in any way she can.