Stoney Church

Love God. Love People. 

Make Disciples. Change OUR World 


Pastor Nate Kingsbury

Join us this Sunday at 9am & 11am as Pastor Nate continutes to bring the Word! You won't want to miss this one. Click below to listen to past sermons. 


What Kind of Soil Represents Me

The Wedding Feast : The Wedding

The Wedding Feast : Being Ready

The Wedding Feast : Wedding Proposal


Love For A Child

Run For Heaven

Run: Baton

Run: Hurdles

Run: Training


As the Lead Pastor, Nate encourages and empowers Stoney Church to connect with God and make God known to those who are not part of God's family. He teaches the Word of God on Sundays, and encourages his staff to follow the Holy Spirit's leading in their lives and ministries. Nate believes in three important aspects of the church. First the church is your family, second serving produces ownership, and third you grow best in opening God's Word in bible studies.