About your Next Steps:

We want you to have community and be able to invest in those around you, get excited to invite others to Stoney, grow as Christian, and go into the world to let them know of God's love. Below you'll find the four steps to getting connected in Stoney, and we hope you come join us!

Step 1: Discover Stoney

Learn about our vision; to invest, invite, grow and go. We will share the heart of Stoney and lay out opportunities for you to connect and serve, and you will leave with a personal vision of your next steps. Let us know you want to come by click the button!

Step 2: Grow in Your Faith

Growing in your faith is an essensial part of being a Christian. As we become more like Jesus Christ, we are better able to live our lives as examples of His love, and tell the world about Him.

Step 3: Serve in the Church

There are so many ways to serve at Stoney Church! From SC Kids to serving meals, there is always something for which volunteers are needed!

Step 4: Go be the Church

As the Church, we serve our community and the world in several ways. We know that until everyone hears of Jesus, someone needs to be shown God's love and care.