Bible Study Recap – March 8, 2022 – Jonah 1

Our Merciful and Compassionate God

Hello Ladies,

This week we discussed Jonah 1.  The Lord gave a message to Jonah to preach to the people in Nineveh.  As we studied this chapter, we discussed these questions:  

         What do I learn about God’s character?

         What is Jonah’s response?

         How do the other character’s respond?

         How do the above responses change me or challenge me?



II Kings 14:23-25 (Jonah)

Vs. Amos 6:13-14 (Amos)

         God expanded Israel’s borders

         Even though Israel was under Jeroboam II:

                  Longest reigning king of Israel (41 years)

                  Wicked, oppressed the poor, government was corrupt, dark spiritual state …. Yet God was merciful!!!

         Israel deserved God’s punishment, but He blessed them instead.

         Assyria was a serious threat and it would be good for Israel if Nineveh were destroyed.


What was Jonah’s response to God’s command?


         He ran away and boarded a ship that headed the opposite direction to Tarshish.

        Jonah knows this about God (4:2) :   “This is why I ran away … I knew that You are a merciful and compassionate God, slow to get angry and filled with unfailing love. 

         Jonah decided in advance he would be willing to die to save his people.  If he didn’t go, Nineveh could not repent and they would be destroyed. 

         What if Jonah’s disobedience was an act of self-sacrifice for his country?

              Jonah may have wanted to protect Israel from God’s mercy on the Assyrians

              He knew he would die by God’s wrath if he disobeyed.

              1 Kings 13:1-32 :  God gave specific instructions and he died (killed by a lion) because of his disobedience. 


Who are the other characters and what do we learn from them (the sailors)?    


         The sailors recognized deity.  They were easily convinced that Jonah’s god was God:

               V 7:  Offended the gods

               V10:  Terror “why did you do it”?

               V14:  Asking for mercy for their not yet committed sin. 

               Recognized the Lord’s wisdom and sovereignty “You have sent this storm upon him for Your own good reasons”

               V16:  Awestruck by God’s power!  Offered sacrifices, vowed to worship Him.

         The sailors knew storms.  This was different! 

         They were looking for a higher power. 

         They believed in the God of Israel. 

         The sailors were terrified of God.  Once they knew he was fleeing “the God of the Hebrews”, they were afraid.

         The sailors threw everything over and wanted to be saved.

         Showed more compassion toward Jonah than Jonah showed toward Nineveh


         They trusted God and feared God quickly.

         We ignore smaller things from God. 



Why do we disobey God?







         Justify me or God?

         Judgment from others and for others.

         Sacrifice.  Things cost us too much. 

         Lack of confidence and doubt. 

         Ignorance “I don’t know…”

         We assume others will do it. 


What did we learn about God’s character?   


       Merciful and compassionate.

         Slow to get angry and filled with unfailing love

         God will show You His power.

         He uses our mistakes to help others come to know Him.

         Long suffering. 

         He does what He wants.  He is the Ultimate authority

         Quick to answer


         Always teaching us and allowing us to learn.

         His judgment must be fulfilled. 

         He wants us to know Him, come close and keep our eyes focused on Him. 


How can we apply what we learned about God’s character?


       God takes us through storms so we can trust Him more. 

         God has power over all things.

         We need to trust His power and surrender to His will in all things. 

         You cannot hide from God.

         Sometimes we need a story to make us look to God.


Questions for Reflection:


         Who are my enemies?

         Who do I consider hopeless, beyond mercy?

         How am I rebellious?


The worship song that was chosen is “Chase Me Down” by Raelynn.  You can listen to it here



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Have a great week dear sisters ! ❤️  See you at church and/or Bible Study!