Wellsprings at Stoney Church

Wellsprings at Stoney Church is an inner healing and deliverance prayer ministry. It specifically exists to help wounded, hurting, and spiritually oppressed believers find inner healing, freedom and restoration through the power of Jesus Christ.


It is through the application of God's word, God's authority, prayer and worship - that broken and hurting believers find freedom from deep emotional wounds, addictions, fears, and oppression. 


The specially trained prayer team of Wellsprings at Stoney Church invites Jesus to battle with and for you in prayer. We call this special time of prayer a "Freedom Session" which takes place within a safe, gentle, loving, and completely confidential setting. It is through a process of inner healing, forgiveness and spiritual warfare that people are finding freedom. 



If you are ready to experience personal freedom and healing through the power of Jesus Christ, the prayer team of Wellsprings at Stoney is here for you.

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Address: 11711 26 Mile Rd Washington MI 48094

Phone: 586-232-5484 (Call or Text)
E-mail: Wellsprings@stoney.church

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